Market Square

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5/13/20231 min read

Take a deep breath and hold it. If you are walking through here during the week you will be hit with the smell of urine. Stale, sun-and-urine drenched cobblestone. Chicken bones? Check. Beer bottles, Styrofoam food containers, and all manner of filth? Check. Sleeping, unbathed, shelterless humans? Yup.

On the weekends Market Square is magically cleaned and vendors arrive for the morning hours. Then, as quick as it the vendors leave the area returns to its putrid self.

Rumor has it that it falls under the control of Department of Agriculture? Maybe a little more effort should be put into such a beautiful and historic area.

Oh, and maybe the businesses in the area should step up a little? Mehsen, Luciano's, Church and Church org. And maybe police? What about other property owners? Expect more, do more. Don't collect a check and avert your gaze. This little trainwreck should have spotlights on it.

What else? This should be a community area where kids can gather, folks can relax and swap news and gossip. Take some pride.